Golden's Oldest

What Is Golden's Oldest:

Building - Loveland Cottage, 717 12th Street, built in 1859

Citizen - John Tolliver, lived to the age of 107

Church - First United Methodist Church, founded July 17, 1859

Business - Buffalo Rose, established December 1859

Thoroughfare - South Golden Road, dates to before 1859 gold rush

School - Colorado School of Mines, dates to 1870

Public Office - Jefferson County Sheriff, dates to 1859

Lodge - Golden Masonic Lodge, dates to 1860

Storefront - Loveland Block, 1122 Washington Avenue, built in 1863

Museum - Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, established in 1873


Historic Golden Area Entities

First United Methodist Church
(Est. July 17, 1859 as Golden City Methodist Episcopal Church by Rev. Jacob Adriance)

Jefferson County
(Est. 1859 by Jefferson Territory; legally reorganized on November 1, 1861 by Colorado Territory)

Buffalo Rose
(Est. December 1859 as International Bowling Saloon by Hubert F. Crow & Henry Brundy)

Golden City Lodge #1, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons
(Est. January 16, 1860; chartered October 17, 1860)

City of Golden
(Est. March 28, 1860; re-established on January 4, 1871 as Town of Golden)

Golden Post Office
(Est. April 6, 1860 as Golden City Post Office, Dr. Isaac E. Hardy Postmaster)

First Baptist Church
(Est. August 1, 1863 by Rev. William Whitehead)

Golden Mill
(Est. 1864 by David M. Barnes as Barnes Flouring Mill on Bear Creek; moved to Golden in 1865)

BNSF Railroad
(Est. 1865 as Colorado Central & Pacific Railroad by William Austin Hamilton Loveland; acquired by present company)

Meyer Hardware
(Est. 1864 as Sarell Hardware by William Mark Benton Sarell in Central City; moved to Golden in 1866; Meyer owned since 1945)

Calvary Episcopal Church
(Est. August 2, 1866 by Bishop George Maxwell Randall; at present home since 1867)

Golden Transcript
(Est. December 19, 1866 as Colorado Transcript by George West)

Wells Fargo
(Est. December 1866 in Golden; departed 1874; est. as Jefferson County Bank in 1873; acquired by present company in 2001)

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
(Est. May 19, 1867 by Bishop Joseph P. Machebeuf)

Colorado School of Mines
(Est. 1870 as Territorial School of Mines by Bishop George Maxwell Randall; acquired by Territory of Colorado in 1874)

First Presbyterian Church
(Est. March 7, 1870 by Rev. Sheldon Jackson)

Golden Fire Department
(Est. 1871 by Town of Golden; three companies unified in 1879)

Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum
(Est. 1873 as Jarvis Hall Museum by Arthur Lakes)

Golden High School
(Est. 1873 by Golden School District #1)

(Est. November 24, 1873 as Golden Brewery by Adolph Herman Joseph Coors & Jacob Schueler; merged in 2008)

Golden Cemetery
(Est. 1873 by Town of Golden)

Golden Royal Arch Chapter #5
(Est. May 11, 1875)

George W. Parfet Estate
(Est. 1875 by George Washington Parfet)

Qwest Communications
(Est. 1879 as Golden Telephone & Dispatch Company; acquired by present company)

Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center
(Est. 1880 as State Industrial School by State of Colorado)

Metropolitan Barber Shop
(Est. 1880 as Lichtenheld Barber Shop by Richard Lichtenheld)

Golden Lodge #8, Daughters of Rebekah
(Est. October 19, 1883 as Degree Lodge #8, Daughters of Rebekah)

Golden Police Department
(Est. circa 1885 by City of Golden)

Xcel Energy
(Est. 1887 as Golden Illuminating Company; acquired by present company)

Banks Insurance Agency
(Est. 1893 as Robinson Fire Insurance by Frederick B. Robinson; Banks owned since 1950)

Creekside Jewelers
(Est. December 1902 as Muffley Jewelry by G.L. Muffley; moved to Denver in 1924; returned to Golden in 1928)

Camp George West
(Est. in 1903 in Pleasant View as Rifle Range by Colorado National Guard)

Foss Building Wine & Spirits
(Est. 1903 as Gallinger-Root Drug Company by E.L. Gallinger & Fred M. Root)

Sportsman Barber Shop
(Est. circa 1904)

(Est. 1910 as Herold China & Pottery by John J. Herold)

Bank of the West
(Est. 1910 as Golden Building & Loan; acquired by present company in 2005)

Olinger Woods Chapel
(Est. 1913 as Woods-Sanders Mortuary by William Woods & Charles Sanders; acquired by present company)

Cabrini Shrine
(Est. 1914 on Lookout Mountain by Frances Xavier Cabrini)

Golden Library
(Est. 1914 by Golden Library Improvement Association)

Golden Auto Clinic
(Est. 1920 as Oasis Service Station by Alfons T. Thuet)

Golden Chamber of Commerce
(Est. 1920)

Seventh Day Adventist Church
(Est. June 23, 1920 by Rev. William R. Lauda)

Buffalo Bill's Grave & Museum
(Est. 1921 on Lookout Mountain by City & County of Denver)

Golden Kiwanis Club
(Est. December 7, 1921)

Rock Rest
(Est. circa 1921)

(Est. 1923 in Golden as Continental Oil Company; est. circa 1933 in Golden as Phillips 66; merged in 2002)

Mount Lookout Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
(Est. June 25, 1923)

Golden Church of the Nazarene
(Est. December 2, 1923 by Rev. T.P. Dunn)

Table Mountain Inn
(Est. 1924 as Hotel Berrimoor by Robert Berry)

(Est. 1930 in Golden as Texas Company; est. 1958 in Golden as Chevron; merged in 2001)

Stevinson Chevrolet
(Est. 1930 as Ashton Chevrolet by Ralph Ashton; Stevinson owned since 1963; moved to Lakewood in 1972)

B&BE Shoe & Boot Repair
(Est. circa 1932 as Reagan Shoe Repair by Maurice & Joy Reagan)

Golden Liquors
(Est. 1934 by Jack Knight)

(Est. June 21, 1934 in Golden)

Columbine Bar
(Est. 1935 in Pleasant View by Mike Hatzis)

Mitchell Elementary School
(Est. 1936 as Central School by Golden School District #1)

Ace Hi Tavern
(Est. circa 1938)

(Est. in Golden in 1938; departed 1944; re-established in 1956 as Castle Rock Service Station by Sinclair Oil Company)

Golden History Center
(Est. August 15, 1938 as Jefferson County Pioneer Museum by Jefferson County Commissioners with aid of Works Progress Administration)

Applewood Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
(Est. 1941 as Golden Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

Golden Lions Club
(Est. 1943)

Buffalo Bill Saddle Club
(Est. 1946)

Golden Motel
(Est. as Martin Courts by Maxine Martin in 1946)

KWGN Channel 2
(Est. 1948 on Lookout Mountain as KFEL-TV; commercial broadcasting since 1952)

Avenue Vision
(Est. 1949 as Bader Optometrist by E. Ames Bader)

(Est. 1949)

KMGH Channel 7
(Est. 1949 on Lookout Mountain as KLZ-TV by Aladdin Radio & Television; commercial broadcasting since 1952)

Pleasant View Elementary School
(Est. 1951 in Pleasant View by Jefferson County R-1 School District)

Jefferson County Fairgrounds
(Est. 1951 in Pleasant View by Jefferson County)

Golden Gardeners Club
(Est. 1952)

KCNC Channel 4
(Est. 1952 on Lookout Mountain as KOA-TV by Metropolitan Radio & Television)

KUSA Channel 9
(Est. 1952 on Lookout Mountain as KBTV by Colorado Radio & Television)

Jefferson Symphony Orchestra
(Est. 1953 as Golden Symphony Orchestra)

Golden Bowl
(Est. 1955 by Everett C. Bunzel)

Calvary Baptist Church
(Est. 1955 in Pleasant View as Calvary Bible Church)

KRMA Channel 6
(Est. 1955 on Lookout Mountain as KRMA by Denver Radio & Television)

Rolling Hills Country Club
(Est. 1955 in Applewood)

(Est. in Golden in 1955; departed 1958; re-established in Pleasant View 1958; re-established in 2004)

Del's Tonsorial Parlor
(Est. 1957 as O'Brien's Tonsorial Parlor)


Historic Golden Entities Now Elsewhere

Goosetown Tavern
(Est. 1873 by Julius Schultz & Andrew Wall as Schultz Place; moved to Denver in 1997)

Jolly Rancher
(Est. 1949 by Bill & Dorothy Harmsen; moved headquarters to Wheat Ridge in 1951; consolidated with Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2002)

Vitamin Cottage
(Est. 1955 by Margaret & Philip Isely as The Builder's Foundation; moved headquarters to Lakewood in 1963)