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Historic Preservation

Brickyard House, 1225 Catamount Drive (north side of entrance to Golden Gate Canyon) in 2006 before restoration,
and 2009 after exterior was restored

Rick Gardner has been an active preservationist in the field for over 25 years, from public advocacy and media relations to advising people on how to physically restore their historic landmarks and landscapes. Using a wide variety of research tools from historic photographs to maps to hints buildings themselves give he has found evidence and advised on how to best restore and preserve historic places, from the materials used to the configurations and appearances given them. He also has experience in assisting others to secure preservation grants from private and public entities, up to $120,000 in value. Gardner has particular experience in working on preservation feasibility studies, often for places in imminent danger of demolition.. He has also helped formulate design guidelines for historic districts, and helped clients successfully meet governmental preservation regulations in designation and renovations of their property. Gardner has worked with individuals, corporations, governments, churches, non-profits and others to successfully preserve storefronts, houses, chapels, and more, from a 100+ house historic district to 1860 gold rush houses.