Historic Faith Lutheran Church
17701 West 16th Avenue, Golden, Colorado

Faith Lutheran Church

"There is a greater aim that an architect can have and that's a building that isn't materialistic, that isn' t built for man, but built for God. We believe that this is what we are on earth for, to create shapes and space like this. We have a saying in architectural circles that you'll find all over Europe, often engraved over the entrances of many a church, deo omni potenti maximo - this building was built for the greater glory of God." - Philip Johnson, architect of the Crystal Cathedral

Golden is home to Colorado's first and oldest Lutheran community, dating to 1871, which has seen Colorado's first Lutheran missionary and first presiding pastor, among many other important things. Faith Lutheran Church is a major part of this continuing legacy, writing important chapters of its own for Golden, Colorado and even the United States. Every member and others are part of this history, from the student who would become Bishop to the infant who was just baptized, from those who have given thousands to those who can just give pennies, from the most active of members to the most disabled. Faith has made a difference to the lives of many people, and many people have made a difference to the life of Faith. The original building of Faith Lutheran, located on the western end of the church complex, is the physical testament to the collective history of the Faith Lutheran community, and is a younger landmark important not only to Faith Lutheran itself but to Golden and many people beyond.

Faith Lutheran's History