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Historic Architecture

Quaintance Block

Quaintance Block (1911), 805 13th Street in Golden
World Headquarters of Gardner History & Preservation!
Restored in 1990

Historic designs come in many shapes and styles, some easy to understand and work with, and others creative and challenging. If your project is restoring an architectural gem, building additions sympathetic to your design, creating a whole new place in an historic style or designed to fit into an historic neighborhood, or other ideas using historic architecture, Richard Gardner offers consulting for all kinds of architectural projects. Gardner has experience working with professional architects, developers, preservationists, governments and others, from building restorations to architectural landscapes, from a frontier log cabin to an Art Deco theater facade to a Googie neon sign. He has also advised on design guidelines for historic districts and helped guide people to successfully make historically sensitive changes to their buildings, streetscapes, and more. Historic styles can often be a challenge, but with the right tools you can make your design an admirable success and even have fun doing it!